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Penta Plast Srl produces plastic packaging certified for vegetable gardens, fruit and foods since 1985. It operates in the sector of plastic’s processing and it’s one of the most dynamic and in constant evolution: for innovative technical of production and for the diversification of finished product. Penta Plast sells its products on national and global market; Company policy is always to guarantee, with the sharing of technical know-how, a continued monitoring of production processes and accurate market analysis. Always looking for specific and technologically more advanced products Penta Plast matches a design with a large color choice made upon costumers’ order. Who chooses the containers PENTA PLAST choose above all to protect the nature. Their realization, in fact, does not involve the slightest felling of trees. An important ecological result, plus the undoubted benefits of hygiene and food preservation resulting from the use of plastics. In addition, all containers PENTA PLAST, absolutely practical and durable, built to EEC standards and popular and widespread in the most advanced EU countries, are reusable and recyclable. 

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